creating subdomains in plesk 10

it seems Plesk 10 has a few issues with creating subdomains. Considering we’re on Plesk 10 now, i find it shocking.

so, via the command line, let us create a new subdomain for an existing domain on the box:

the first argument needed is to pass to the --create option, the [SUBDOMAIN] placeholder is where you will specify the subdomain you require, “demo” for instance.

the full domain name needs to be specified, with the -domain switch.

and finally the path to the document_root is needed, set via the -www-root

[code]/usr/local/psa/bin/subdomain –create [SUBDOMAIN] -domain [DOMAIN] -www-root /subdomains/[SUBDOMAIN]/httpdocs[/code]

as in:

[code]/usr/local/psa/bin/subdomain –create <em>demo</em> -domain <em></em> -www-root /subdomains/<em>demo</em>/httpdocs[/code]

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