configure sendmail on mac os x

Unable to send email using PHP mail()? Learn how to configure sendmail on mac os x…

Open up /etc/php.ini and set the sendmail_path:

sendmail_path = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i"

then restart apache:

apachectl restart

if you try sendmail…


you will get an error:

sendmail: fatal: chdir /Library/Server/Mail/Data/spool: No such file or directory[/code]

so, to fix this, we’ll need to create the directory /Library/Server/Mail/Data/spool:

(make sure you are root)

mkdir -p /Library/Server/Mail/Data/spool

next, we need to tell postfix to set the correct permissions:

[code]/usr/sbin/postfix set-permissions[/code]

and restart postfix:

[code]/usr/sbin/postfix start[/code]

You can now send email using mail()!

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