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Google Analytics for Tracking Hash URLs

It’s surprisingly simple to use Google Analytics for Tracking Hash URLs really. I needed to track each “page” as it was viewed, but being a hash url driven website of course google analytics (by default) only recognises the “index”, seeing as its essentially a “one page website”. No good to anyone… So a simple one […]

Stop Safari auto linking numbers

To stop Safari on iPad / iPhone auto linking numbers, use this meta tag: [code] <meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no" /> [/code]

iphone disable auto capitalisation

By default, the iPad, iPhone etc will always capitalize the first letter when entering text into inputs, which is sometimes totally unwanted and a little bit annoying. We also take care of the autocorrect annoyance too. So, ghw to stop capitalizing the first letter on iphone & ipad inputs? Some non-standard attributes are required, autocapitalize […]

creating html snapshots for google

A recent project required that we use hash navigation for speedy access to content, this also eeded to be indexed well, and seo’d up to the eyeballs, and so i set aboutand creating html snapshots for google. After reading, becoming daunted and almost put off, i realised that its actually a very simple process indeed! […]

google map pin not centered when using hidden embedded iframe

A bit of an issue this lately when embedding google maps iframes that are hidden by default, and are shown by the user clicking a button (for example). Seems the Google map pin not centered when using hidden embedded iframes… The pins end up not quite centered and out of the viewable area, took me […]

clever nice quotes instead of boring ones

so instead of the regular: ” and ‘ let us make some fancy curly ones: [code gutter=”false”] &#8216;/&lsquo; opening single quote &#8217;/&rsquo; closing single quote &#8220;/&ldquo; opening double quote &#8221;/&rdquo; closing double quote [/code] giving us: some ‘curly single quotes’ and some “curly double quotes” wonderful.